Drawing100 – 5. Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace is the topic of the day. And in my search for all emo-looking pop culture references, I found Captain Jack Harkness, crying in the corner. That climax scene in Children of Earth was something I will never forget (thanks to the unforgiving pen of RTD). So, here it is -Captain Jack remembering Ianto.

Seeking Solace - Jack Harkness

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Top 5 TV Series in 2011 [9E3K Lists]


We continue the list trend with the best 5 TV series of 2011. I have been watching a lot of TV this year. Mostly sitcoms such as Parks and Recreation, and How I Met Your Mother. But there is nothing really as great as genre television done absolutely well. True Blood started well for me, but the last few series have been a bit of chore for me to follow. And then there’s the surge of shitty telly that is showered upon us. Falling Skies was a bit too boring for me to follow, Terra Nova was trying to mashup Twilight with Avatar, and I gave up on The Event after episode 2.

So, it is indeed, with great relief, that I have been able to manage this complete list of 5 awesome TV series in 2011. They aren’t flawless – far from it. But it did bring a whole lot of excitement back into our living room. So, here it is people, presenting –



Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 10 – The Blood Line Review

Torchwood Miracle Day

And so it finally ends- with plenty of spilt blood on the screen, increasing body count and explosions on the opposite ends of the globe. The series finalé of Torchwood : Miracle Day – The Blood Line had bucket loads of rushed plots thrown at us at Mach speed. There were plenty of answers (Yes!), but on the other hand, we were left with a few open ends pointing towards a possible follow up season (Boo!). And in true Torchwood style, we see the departure of one of the key characters, again proving the point that RTD’s pen is the mightiest slasher. The climatic revelations were ridiculous enough to make me pull my hair out, but overall, I must say, that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it is a pretty solid episode. On the whole, Miracle Day, as a season, was satisfying SciFi telly. But it comes nothing close to the epicness of Children of Earth.

There’s plenty of SPOILERS on the other side of this jump, as we discuss the final episode of Torchwood Miracle Day – The Blood Line.


Torchwood: Miracle Day – Episode 9 – The Gathering: Review

Torchwood Miracle Day

This week’s Torchwood episode gave us more buzz words than we could handle, a geographical impossibility in the shape of a cliffhanger and lastly, a very annoying Rhys. This was what RTD had to offer as the penultimate episode of this 10 episode story arc. And judging by the looks of it, the series finale should be jampacked like a Tokyo subway, as there’s a hell lotta stuff ;eft to be resolved. Episode 9 – The Gathering, was also about more new characters (and we thought we already had enough of them). There’s the family heads, who look as cold as Arnie’s Mr. Freeze, and speak in idioms. Then there’s the annoying Category 1 collecting man, who is hell-bent on collecting Geraint Cooper, even when Overflow Camps are filled to the brim. And oh, I forgot to mention, this is now set 2 months after Episode 8. So, we are no longer in a world where people are dealing with the miracle, and its multi-faceted consequences. Instead, this is a world where recession has transformed into depression, China has closed down its borders and US is considering to do the same, insurance companies have gone bust, CIA rations fuel and the world has just accepted its fucked up state. Quite a bold move no doubt, but does the rest of the episode take advantage of this move? Let’s found out on the other side of the jump.

Join the discussion and we have a long list of speculations about the finalé ; SPOILERS