Top 10 Movies of 2012 [9E3K Year End List]

9E3K Best Movies of 2012

I know it is a bit late to do Top 10’s of last year in mid Feb, but the Oscars are almost here, and it reminded me to do this. It sort of has now become a blogging culture to do so, and me being the well-cultured geeky bloke as you all know, can only abide by it. 2012 at the cinema has been wonderful. Superhero movies have never been as bigger than this year. Nolan’s Bat trilogy came to an end, and Joss Whedon was honoured with Box Office glory. We went back to Middle Earth, and action movies from unknown territories pulled the rug under our feet. I cannot genuinely remember having seen a disappointing movie at the cinema this year. But probably, that is because I did not watch all of them, and I have been smarter with my movie choices. Even the widely unsuccessful John Carter, to me was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining movie. I even found the  unnecessary reboot of The Amazing Spiderman to be surprisingly good. Hell, I even enjoyed Bond in Skyfall. So here are my..

Top 10 movies of 2012


Movie Review: The Chaser (Chugyeogja) – 2008

The Chaser Korean Movie Wallpaper

The debut feature film from director Na Hong-jin – The Chaser, can send chills down your spine by the sheer amount of disturbing elements of human nature that it shows. And we are not talking about bloodbath yet. Yes, there is plenty of that too. But besides that, The Chaser, is a brilliantly crafted thriller which does not fail to set fire to the viewer’s senses. It also stirs our emotions with the underlying drama of loss and the relentless urge of chasing against a serial killer’s killing spree.

South Korean cinema has been known for its rom-coms and of course for Park Chan Wook’s mind-numbing tragedy dramas which ride on a thriller vehicle bordering into gore-ville. The Chaser could also be categorized into that school of filmmaking, and it wouldn’t really surprise me if Na Hong-jin turned out to be an apprentice of Park Chan Wook. Having said that, Na Hong-jin’s work is no apprentice material.

There a zillion and one things that I want to talk about this movie, but I’ll try to compose myself and put down some of the better ones in the 6 points below. I’d suggest you to run and watch this brilliant movie first, and then join me for the discussion below. [ *** SPOILERS AHEAD*** ]


The Walking Dead: Season 2 Mid-Season Finale [Review]

The Walking Dead

After 6 whole episodes of rambling and wandering around, and screaming back n forth at scumbag Shane, we finally arrive at the mid-season finale of Season 2 of The Walking Dead. We all know why this has been so. The budget reduction and simultaneous increase in number of episodes, meant more shooting indoors, and much lesser walker confrontation scenes. And so we got Andrea and Dale fighting over their “rights”, Shane getting all jealous because he’s thrown back in the friend-zone. Carl gets shot because of deer-watching, and the dragging anchor of the season, stupid Sophie wandering off in walker land. The only good thing about this season so far has been the rise and rise of the badassness of Daryl and his blood-thirsty crossbow.

Having said that, the mid-season finale ends on a very high note, and pun intended, it does end with a very big bang. And I am compelled to say, that the wait has been worth it. Hit the jump, as we discuss how all the loose ends fit into the mid-season finale.



The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 – What Lies Ahead [Review]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead series 1 was so good, that I completed watching the boxset in three days flat. It was critically applauded, and universally lapped up as the next big thing on telly. With hopes and expectations soaring high on Season 2, as well as budget being cut down and episode count increased, a lot could’ve gone wrong. And having seen Episode 1 of Season 2 – What Lies Ahead, it is fairly accurate to say that this series kicks the shit out of the way. It picks up straight from where we left off, with team Atlanta escaping the exploded CDC building and making their way into the unknown, dodging their lives from the biting walkers and trying hard to survive. The things to like in this episode were in abundance, so I didn’t really care about the minor annoyances. Hit the jump to join the discussion. [SPOILER  ALERT]