XBOX One vs PS4 at E3 2013: Who Wins?

PS4 launches for $399

Jun 10, 2013 will certainly go down as a significant day in gaming history for all the right reasons. Earlier this year, both the PS4 and the XBOX One had a round one to reveal their consoles. Sony went for the hardware details and games, and Microsoft went for the multimedia capabilities. But E3 is the big stage everybody had their eyes on. After all, two big generation defining gaming consoles were being unveiled all over again.

Microsoft have already been under fire with their unclear, and then later, clarified draconian DRM policies about always online, and no-preowned games restrictions. And Sony had been vague about the box itself and the DRM policies. Both were addressed at their respective conferences, with more of what all of us were expecting them to show off – Games!

Monday night, I went to bed a bit late after having seen what Microsoft had to offer, and a few of Ubisoft’s and EA’s offerings. I couldn’t stay up to see what Sony had to reveal. To be honest, I was a bit worried for Sony, having seen the XBOX One’s great exclusives such as Titanfall. Little did I know, that I had no reason to be worried about. And now that the dust has settled, I can clearly declare the winner – Front, and centre – Sony Playstation 4.

And here are 5 solid reasons why.


What I expect from Sony at E3 2013

Sony PS4 at E3 2013

After the much teased PS4 announcement, and that blurred PS4 video,  it is finally time for the big moment at the E3. All eyes are on Sony and the big event will be happening today, June 10th, at around midnight London time.

Of course, what I expect and what actually happens at E3 might be entirely two different things. But following are my approximations of what I’d expect Sony to reveal at tonight’s event.


God Of War Ascension Single Player Demo [Gaming Review]

God of War Ascension

Set to release on March 12-15 across the world, PSN just released the single player demo for the much anticipated God of War Ascension. After last year’s E3 demo, I played the same demo at Eurogamer. The demo that made its way to the PSN however is a totally different one. Does Kratos’ new adventure offer anything new, or is it more of the same rage? Is it time for Santa Monica Studio to create the next big thing, rather than cling on to its hit formula?  Judging by this demo, the studio’s latest offering looks like a complete winner.


All About the Big Playstation 4 Reveal [Round Up]

PS4 Launch Event

So, it turned out, it was in fact exactly as what everyone predicted. Sony’s big event at New York last night, was the big reveal of their next generation console – The Playstation 4. No fancy new logos, just a re-iteration of the current PS3 slim logo with the 3 changed to a 4. And yes, they are calling it that, simple and effective, and ignoring all Japanese superstitions. The only catch here, is that they never got around to revealing the actual console – apparently, that is what happens in console launch events now.

But even without the console, Sony did manage to announce a bunch of new features, and give us a sneak peek into the PS4. Here is my round-up of the PS4 launch event, and figure out for yourself, how many of those rumours actually turned out to be true.