15 Smashing Avengers GIFs To Melt Your Face

The Avengers Movie

When Marvel initially announced its intentions to bring its list of superheroes under one onscreen umbrella, my cynical side went straight ahead to dismiss it as an overambitious goof-up, which would sink to the ocean bed. But with each instalment of the single entities creeping out of the shadow, and as the Avengers ensemble started taking shape, my anticipation level has been on a constant rise. With Iron Man, Captain America and Thor’s individual story line having smashed the box-office, it was evident that the collective Avengers movie would be nothing less than an awesome feast of Superhero valour in different flavours – from cocky casanova, to angry green man, to even mythological heroism, everything is covered.

The Superbowl Spot, the extended trailer, and the 2nd trailer released today just goes to say how epic this movie will be. And since this epicness cannot be translated in still images, I have prepared, just for my dear readers..

 * 15 Epic Smashing Avengers GIFs *


11 Monstrous GIFs from The Thing [Monster Monday]

The Thing Prequel PosterThe 1982 horror classic, The Thing, is considered a sacred movie in the cult movie society. Most argue that the prequel that came out in 2011, shouldn’t have been made in the first place. But I would argue otherwise. It sets off to establish the origin story of “The Thing”, and in the process, brings some old school horror, thrills, chills and gore to the table. As far as that is concerned, it does all those jobs just fine. I liked the movie and would even give it 3 out of 5. But enough about that argument; whether you liked the movie or not, you’d certainly agree that the monster kill scenes in the movie were absolutely smashing, and we have 11 such scenes from the movie, all captured in gory, bloody, and monstrous GIFs. So, hit the jump, and enjoy the splatter! Of course, SPOILER ALERT, and the following GIFs feature lots of gore, which are not for the faint hearted. So if you’re one of those who easily throw up, you’ve been warned!

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 – What Lies Ahead [Review]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead series 1 was so good, that I completed watching the boxset in three days flat. It was critically applauded, and universally lapped up as the next big thing on telly. With hopes and expectations soaring high on Season 2, as well as budget being cut down and episode count increased, a lot could’ve gone wrong. And having seen Episode 1 of Season 2 – What Lies Ahead, it is fairly accurate to say that this series kicks the shit out of the way. It picks up straight from where we left off, with team Atlanta escaping the exploded CDC building and making their way into the unknown, dodging their lives from the biting walkers and trying hard to survive. The things to like in this episode were in abundance, so I didn’t really care about the minor annoyances. Hit the jump to join the discussion. [SPOILER  ALERT]


Torchwood: Miracle Day – Episode 9 – The Gathering: Review

Torchwood Miracle Day

This week’s Torchwood episode gave us more buzz words than we could handle, a geographical impossibility in the shape of a cliffhanger and lastly, a very annoying Rhys. This was what RTD had to offer as the penultimate episode of this 10 episode story arc. And judging by the looks of it, the series finale should be jampacked like a Tokyo subway, as there’s a hell lotta stuff ;eft to be resolved. Episode 9 – The Gathering, was also about more new characters (and we thought we already had enough of them). There’s the family heads, who look as cold as Arnie’s Mr. Freeze, and speak in idioms. Then there’s the annoying Category 1 collecting man, who is hell-bent on collecting Geraint Cooper, even when Overflow Camps are filled to the brim. And oh, I forgot to mention, this is now set 2 months after Episode 8. So, we are no longer in a world where people are dealing with the miracle, and its multi-faceted consequences. Instead, this is a world where recession has transformed into depression, China has closed down its borders and US is considering to do the same, insurance companies have gone bust, CIA rations fuel and the world has just accepted its fucked up state. Quite a bold move no doubt, but does the rest of the episode take advantage of this move? Let’s found out on the other side of the jump.

Join the discussion and we have a long list of speculations about the finalé ; SPOILERS