Initial Thoughts on The XBOX ONE Reveal [Gadget Roundup]

XBOX One - XBOX Reveal

The #XBOXReveal event, held at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle was a tightly organised show, that showcased what the new hardware was capable of, and some showing off of the possible future of the “entertainment hub” that the XBOX One was aiming to be.

And whilst mainstream media from CNN to MSNBC steered clear of any negative feedback, the verdict is however very clear amongst the core audience – the gamers. Social networks have been flooded with messages that range from underwhelmed and indifferent, to downright negative. Here are my thoughts.


All the Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumours [Android]

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S4

Having almost dodged MWC 2013 with just a new tablet, Galaxy Note 8.0, the next big event on Samsung’s 2013 calendar has got to be the Unpacked event. To be held on the March 14th 2013, in New York at 7pm EST, industry pundits have speculated this to be the unveiling of Samsung’s next big flagship phone – the successor to its immensely popular Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 (or SIV). And here’s all that we know so far about the new upcoming device.


The Walking Dead S03E11 – I Ain’t A Judas [TV Review]

The Walking Dead - AMC

The last episode of The Walking Dead I wrote about was episode 10 of Season 3 – Home. I think I am running a bit behind with this post, as I have three episodes to write about. Part of it is down to my laziness. But mostly, it is down to TWD being lazy as well. There hasn’t been much happening at all. Of course, there has been a few spectacular things, like the drama in Episode 12. But frankly, who gives a damn about drama in the Walking Dead. Shoot ’em bloody undead walkers and smash their heads to pulp, and that makes me happy. Ok, I am not completely being honest. I do like the drama too, but the last three episodes could have easily been summed up into two. It all seems like an extended foreplay to a highly anticipated big-action climax, which just seems to never arrive. My thoughts on episode 11 are after the jump. Spoilers from here on.


The 9E3K Oscars 2013 RoundUp [ Photos ]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe perform during the show at the 85th Annual Academy Awards

Hollywood’s biggest night clocked at a staggering 3 hours show (excluding commercials). Yes, it was boring to the point that I wanted to shoot Seth McFarlane, and whoever wrote those jokes, and sketches. There were dances, and more dances, and even more dances. Oscars 2013 celebrated a lot of things – music in movies, 50 years of James Bond, and Jennifer Lawrence. If there was one winner that came out of Oscars 2013, it was Miss Lawrence, who not only won the Best Actress, by beating 9E3K favourite Jessica Chastain, but also made a smashing entry into the world of interweb memes. But more on that later. Here is my round-up of the Academy Awards 2013.