Initial Thoughts on XBOX One – Console, Controller, Games

XBOX One Tour

Alongside the PS4, the XBOX One will be competing for a pie of the gamerspace cake this winter. With only a few weeks left for the launch, Microsoft’s marketing team is on a spree. There have been several tour events doing the rounds in the UK to spread the buzz, and potential customers to have a go at the console and a few of its launch titles. I played the XBOX One first at the Eurogamer Expo 2013. But, as you know, my experience was plagued by endless queues. I only got to try a very few XBOX One titles – viz. Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, and Killer Instinct. Thankfully, with the #XBOXONETOUR doing the rounds in Shoreditch in London, I could get some more gaming time with Ryse, Forza and Killer Instinct. I also had a go with the new Kinect Sports, Dead Rising 3, and Battlefield 4. My impressions are given below:


Initial thoughts on PS4 – Console, Controller, Games.

Eurogamer 2013 - EGX

I attended the Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in London along with thousands of enthusiastic gamers who queued up and waited for hours to get their hands on the next generation of console gaming. Both the XBOX One and the PS4 made their UK debut at the EGX, and it was a blast to hang out with gamers, chatting with them about their expectations from the next gen, what games they were looking forward to, and most importantly which side of the fence they were on – XBOX One vs. PS4.

Since the E3 announcement, I had made up my mind to go for the PS4, and even pre-ordered a day-one release edition. Hence, it was obvious that I was most excited to be at the PS4 booth, anxiously waiting to try the games out. But let me tell you one thing. Gaming cons such as EGX are not for the impatient. The queue for the PS4 booth was atrociously long, and I had to wait for almost 90 minutes before I could even play a single game. To make matters even worse, we were given game tokens, capping us on how many games we could play. And even worse, was that all the major games were put under one token. That sucked balls, but I kinda tried to sneak in to play as many games as I could. Here are my impressions.


Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Man Of Steel [Review]

Man of Steel

Since last summer’s end of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Warner Bros. only other beacon of hope to hit the summer blockbuster movie jackpot had to be the red-caped DC Superhero – Superman. In his first non-self-titled movie venture – Man of Steel, the superhero has been given a more emotional story (that took almost 200+ episodes of Smallville to cover). Thrown in the mix, are the jaw-dropping visuals of Kal-El’s home planet Krypton, and a very Star Trek-esque dying planet scenario – black holes, singularity, the whole shabang! Hell, even the arch nemesis, Zod, has been given a reason for being the anti-Superman. Then, why oh why, does Man of Steel just doesn’t feel like it measures up as the Big-Super-Blockbuster that we were hoping for? Is it because The Avengers has spoiled us with its own super-level awesomeness of how superhero movies should be? It probably is. But I have other bones to pick as well. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel – I surely did. But what could’ve been a helluva ride, feels like a cheap ticket on a retro machine that just about takes off.

Some of my detailed thoughts are on the other side of the jump.


XBOX One vs PS4 at E3 2013: Who Wins?

PS4 launches for $399

Jun 10, 2013 will certainly go down as a significant day in gaming history for all the right reasons. Earlier this year, both the PS4 and the XBOX One had a round one to reveal their consoles. Sony went for the hardware details and games, and Microsoft went for the multimedia capabilities. But E3 is the big stage everybody had their eyes on. After all, two big generation defining gaming consoles were being unveiled all over again.

Microsoft have already been under fire with their unclear, and then later, clarified draconian DRM policies about always online, and no-preowned games restrictions. And Sony had been vague about the box itself and the DRM policies. Both were addressed at their respective conferences, with more of what all of us were expecting them to show off – Games!

Monday night, I went to bed a bit late after having seen what Microsoft had to offer, and a few of Ubisoft’s and EA’s offerings. I couldn’t stay up to see what Sony had to reveal. To be honest, I was a bit worried for Sony, having seen the XBOX One’s great exclusives such as Titanfall. Little did I know, that I had no reason to be worried about. And now that the dust has settled, I can clearly declare the winner – Front, and centre – Sony Playstation 4.

And here are 5 solid reasons why.