Black Mirror, Episode 2 – Fifteen Million Merits [Review]

Black Mirror - Channel 4 - Review

After a cracking Episode 1, which left us with a sense of awe, Black Mirror returned with a second episode. This time around, we switch gears to enter the world of reality TV in a dystopian futuristic society – an age where iPad and Kinect have taken over our lives, and consumerism has become omnipotent, almost to the level of a totalitarian government. With sleek visuals and a claustrophic environment surrounding the entire episode, this dark face of our not-so-distant future, might probably be the best of genre television of the year. But it is not just the scifi elements which stand out in this episode. There’s pretty much everything for every one – a doomed love story, a clear villain, and even that annoying sidekick which we want to get killed. Read on, as I discuss the key points of Episode 2 of Black Mirror – Fifteen Million Merits. Needless to mention – SPOILERS ALERT.


Review: Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 2 – Day of the Moon

Doctor Who - The Day of the Moon

So we landed on the cliffhanger of Episode 1. The Doctor and his companions are all surrounded by crazy, auto-tuned faceless aliens who resemble Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’. And we are revealed that these creatures are called – The Silence ( as prophesied by Prisoner Zero in Series 5, Eleventh Doctor ). Oh wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

The episode starts 3 months after the previous episode. Amy, River and Rory are on the run. Amy and Rory have marks on their bodies which resemble Guy Pearce’s character in Nolan’s Memento. And all of them are trying to escape FBI agents. What the others don’t know is that Delaware has built the perfect insulated chamber for them to park the Tardis and do whatever they like.


Review: Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 1 – The Impossible Astronaut

Doctor Who Series 6

The new series of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who has invaded our TV screens and there is just no escaping the sheer brilliance of Moffat’s writing and the cracking chemistry of the lead characters – Amy Pond, Rory, River Song and the Doctor. Thrown in the mix are a few new characters and references to some old villains. What we get as the final product is nothing less than pure awesomeness. And it helps too for the series opener to be a two-parter. Here’s the 9e3k review.

Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut

How about we start with a spoiler? The Doctor dies in this one. Yep, in the very first episode, with the whole series left to unveil over the next one year, the Doctor dies within the opening few minutes of the episode. Technically, this is the Doctor which is 200 years older than the present one. Which means, the Doctor has 200 years to live [ Remember, Matt Smith’s Doctor’s death leaves no more scope for regeneration ].


Awesome Doctor Who Images

I am still being a bit over lazy and am trying hard to recover from my heavy festive season feast. So, to get myself in the groove gradually, I’ll just post some awesome images of Doctor Who. Also, a very happy new year to all the awesome 9e3k readers.

Tardis Inside

Found on, this one’s a clever mash-up of the famous Intel Inside logo with the idea of a TARDIS. The only thing that annoys me about this poster is the realisation that I did not make it.