Poster Mania: The Dark Knight Rises Banners and Posters

The Dark Knight Rises

The promotional guns in The Dark Knight Rises army camp have certainly been firing at a rampant pace over the last few weeks. We have all seen the third trailer, and by the looks of it, this should be a worthy conclusion to this epic trilogy. And now we have upon us, these amazing, epic and dark character posters of The Dark Knight Rises. And wait, there’s more. Some really cool widescreen banners. Catch them all after the jump.


Poster Mania: Machete Kills, Iron Sky, The Bourne Legacy, Dredd, John Carter, Intruders, Resident Evil

Poster Mania 9e3k - Machete Kills, Iron Sky, The Bourne Legacy, Dredd, John Carter, Intruders, Resident Evil

We’ve got shed loads of Poster material for all you picture hungry folks. There’s Danny Trejo’s insanely grey face staring you down. There’s a new Bourne on the rise, Alien Nazis back from the Moon, a sneak peek at the new Dredd, and apparently Evil is spreading worldwide. Not to forget a faceless Clive Owens. Hit the jump to find out what we really mean.


The Craziest and Most Awesome Desktop Background Ever – Breakdancing Jesus [Wallpaper]

Think of a very crazy idea. Now think of something even crazier. Now combine with something absolutely awesome. If your answer is more awesome than a Breakdancing Jesus in the Vatican, in front of priests, then you win an annual supply of Jedi Force. If not, don’t worry. Now you can see this awesome wallpaper for yourself.

Breakdancing Jesus Wallpaper

[Click Picture for Full High Resolution version. Image via Reddit]

Created by artist Cosmo Sarson, this art is as epic as the title sounds – Breakdancing Jesus, and brilliantly brief and concise in concept, just like the artist’s about page.

Check out this interview of Sarson [Little London Observationist] which also features some more of his work.

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New Poster Of The Amazing Spiderman Is Disappointing

There is a new poster for the Amazing Spiderman which just got released (via Cine-1). Have a look at it, how hideous is that!!!

Amazing Spiderman Poster

It is hilarious to see how desperately Sony wants us to believe that this is the UNTOLD STORY, whatever that is. It has gone a bit too far, to plug that in bold white on the body of the poster. And there is pretty much nothing else than that, except for that red spider logo. C’mon Sony/ Marvel. Pull your socks up, and spend a bit more energy on this. The smudgy fonts aren’t helping either.

9E3K Rating: 1 Venom Out Of 5