The 9E3K MCM Expo Cosplay Awards 2013 [London Comic Con]

London Comic Con MCM Expo 2013

The May-end bank holiday weekend was just a big geeking out weekend at the London Excel Centre, where the MCM Expo London Comic Con was held. With cosplayers, millions of collectibles on sale, original comic artists, and guests speakers – this was where geeks called home. But the biggest thing I look forward to at any Comic Con (apart from the hot-shot guests, which unfortunately London doesn’t get much of ), are the cosplayers.


They are the ones who make it all so colourful and geeky. And yes, there was an official Cosplay masquerade and all that. But it was just really… all that. Here is the real shit. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is – the 9E3K MCM Expo Cosplay Awards 2013.

So hit the jump for all them magnificent cosplays.


The Big-Ass Post of Avenger Gag-Reel GIFs [GIF Mania]

Avenger Gag Reel GIFs

Some great heavenly creature (possibly from Asgard) released the Avenger gag reel on YouTube. And Disney had to spoil the party by taking it down. But the internet is a biggest possible archive ever. Whilst many had already downloaded the video, some had even made the best moments out of the gag-reel into giggle inducing GIFs.

You can see the gag-reel video here. [Quick, before Disney issues a takedown notice on them too]

And hit the jump for the most awesome collection of Avenger Gag-Reel GIFs. (Warning: Image heavy post)