The 30 Introspective Self-Questioning Questions That You Should Ask Yourself [Personal Rant]


Quite recently, I came across this new blog  ShortStormTrooper [cool name btw], by my good ol’ blogger mate Lee (@leesargent on Twitter). And this  post 30 questions that will change the way you think about the world ], left me with a mixed bag of introspective feelings. There was no way I could stop thinking about these questions, and it was best for me if I just let the answers come out organically, sooner than later, rather than think about them over and over again. I highly recommend you take this exercise. It puts you into perspective with where you are, where you want to be, and almost shows you a mirror with the way things are now, things that have been in your life so far, and if you find it acceptable, or not. If you’re still reading this, bravo! Hit the jump, coz you’ll get to know a whole lot of me.


69th Golden Globe Awards, 2012 : Roundup [GIF Mania]

69th Golden Globe Awards 2012, GIF and Memes

The first major movie award of the season got handed out last weekend, and in true 9e3k fashion, we’re here with this year’s stream of GIFs to rewind you with the best and the worst of the awards. We’ve got plenty of stuff for you to go gaga about, and some that you’ll leave you chuckling for hours. And some to just say – meh! Just like every other year [ Have a rewind of last year’s Golden Globe here]. So, hit the jump to let the awesomeness melt your face! Beware, image heavy post; let your post load completely for 100% pleasure 😛


GIF Mania: Golden Globes 2011 round up

So there was the glitterati and the who’s who of Hollywood at the Golden Globes this year (like every other year). There has been a lot of controversy over how host Ricky Gervais took unfair advantage of his position and pulled some nasty jokes at the expense of people who were actually in the audience. Worse, he introduced the presenters with some crude lines. Introducing Ashton Kutcher’s dad – Bruce Willis! And RDJ was reminded of his failures before Iron Man rescued him, and even the Hollywood Press (the organising body) weren’t spared. And whilst there is speculation over Gervais not returning next year as the host, frankly who gives a toss. At least it was entertaining to watch. And I’m sure, Gervais didn’t give a single fuck about it.

Ricky Gervais - Golden Globe 2011

Here’s a round up of the awards night. I’ll try to be as short as possible. Of course, there’s going to be loads of GIF as the title suggests.


The Periodic Table of Rocking

Sometimes I feel that Internet (in general) and tumblr (in specific) just rule my life, and I waste my daily hours scrolling down on the many silly memes. And then, I come across gems like these. A bloke by the name of Roadside Jesus (phonetically pronounced as Hae-soos’) prepared this awesome periodic table of rocking. This is sheer geeked up awesomeness of epic proportions. The image below is the best I could capture from the site.

Periodic Table of Rocking

Click on the picture to go to this awesome website. Each rock ‘element’ is clickable. The default intro header says –

Hello my friends. This is my periodic table of rockin’. I compiled it in 1987 when Guns n’ Roses released the “Appetite for Destruction”. Please click around my friends. – Jesus

There is also an audio commentary which starts with a crunchy guitar shredding by Jesus. The bloke sounds like a really stoner lazy guy, but man, he has the patience to compile this awesome piece of work. He also explains why Beatles is not on the list. Because Rock is more like a Saturday night thing, and Beatles is a “Sunday band”. LOL!

My favourites Metallica is an Alkali metal, which is absolutely spot on. Whereas Led Zep, Sabbath, Stones, Who, Steppenwolf, and Spinal Tap are Noble Gases 😛

And for the best part, the pink elements are poor metals e.g. Bon Jovi, Europe and Def Leppard 🙂 Enjoy the table.

from : Periodic Table of Rockin’ – The Most Music Blog