BAFTA Film Awards 2013 [Liveblog]

BAFTA 2013 Film Awards

Yes, it has been a while since I did any liveblog. And if I look at all the film events that happen in the year, the BAFTA film awards are possibly the only ones which occur at a human time for people in London. (I really try to stay awake for the Oscars, but every time, I just give up, and check for the winners the morning after instead). So, the show starts in like 20 minutes.  Be ready to check my liveblog of the 2013 BAFTA Film Awards. I am ready.

PART 1 here:

PART 2 here:


BAFTA 2012 [Liveblog]

BAFTA 2012 Live Blog

The Orange British Academy Film Awards, which will be awarded to the best of cinema of 2011, by the British Academy of Film and  Television Arts a.k.a. BAFTA, is going to be held on Sunday, 12th of Feb 2012. The ceremony begins at 9pm London Time. The big names of Hollywood and British cinema, will all be under one roof – The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London. And we will be live blogging the event. So, do join us in a few hours for all the BAFTA action, as it happens.


X Factor Live Results : Week 3

So after last week’s highly manipulative theme of Guilty pleasures, we are on tonight to find out which one act will get eliminated. There will be 11 finalists after tonight’s results show, and oh, Michael Buble and Cheryl Cole are performing tonight. Speaking of Cheryl, how annoyingly awkward was last night’s Piers Morgan Life stories show. I know, I watched it, and I am embarrassed about it. I felt bad for Cheryl, but Piers Morgan asks some of the most piercing and stupid questions on telly. But that’s enough about that. The X Factor live results go live at 8 pm London time. See you then.

So we are live now. 12 acts still remaining, but one act is leaving. The X Factor voice is getting more and more annoying. And so is the flashing editing. Calm the fuck down. BTW, I am rooting for Wagner 🙂 And I want Belle Amie to go home tonight. Why is there a heartbeat silence intro to Cheryl’s introduction thingie. Anywho, here we go. The big X is flying all over the globe, and it has landed in London.

X Factor top 12

Dermot is here. He promises Cheryl’s single debuts here tonight. Oh really! Well, the judges have entered the arena. I like Louis’ jacket. And bow ties are cool. Time for the ensemble performance tonight. The highlight of the whole routine was Mary’s vocals, and Wagner blowing the cover – it was all lipsync baby.

Time for a recap of last night’s show:

Paije: He was good, no shit.

John: Man, he can sing. But, his routine was really all over the place. And he’s a boring performer overall.