Top 10 Movies of 2012 [9E3K Year End List]

9E3K Best Movies of 2012

I know it is a bit late to do Top 10’s of last year in mid Feb, but the Oscars are almost here, and it reminded me to do this. It sort of has now become a blogging culture to do so, and me being the well-cultured geeky bloke as you all know, can only abide by it. 2012 at the cinema has been wonderful. Superhero movies have never been as bigger than this year. Nolan’s Bat trilogy came to an end, and Joss Whedon was honoured with Box Office glory. We went back to Middle Earth, and action movies from unknown territories pulled the rug under our feet. I cannot genuinely remember having seen a disappointing movie at the cinema this year. But probably, that is because I did not watch all of them, and I have been smarter with my movie choices. Even the widely unsuccessful John Carter, to me was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining movie. I even found the  unnecessary reboot of The Amazing Spiderman to be surprisingly good. Hell, I even enjoyed Bond in Skyfall. So here are my..

Top 10 movies of 2012


10 Things About The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [Rant and Review]

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

Peter Jackson’s familiarity with the world of Tolkien’s middle earth has already been seen in his Lord of The Rings trilogy. With the first of three Hobbit movies – An Unexpected Journey, it almost feels like we have gone back into that familiar shire to meet our old friends – Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo, and some new ones. The decision to make such a small book into a trilogy could have been purely backed by financial reasons. But it gives the movie enough breathing space to introduce us the characters, and never feels to have overstayed its welcome. Even with its epic 150 minutes length, The Hobbit never seems too long, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Of course, as the book, the movie also feels a bit inclined to cater to the younger audience, unlike the grim and darker tone of LOTR. But having said that, Peter Jackson effectively strikes a balance between the playful humour, and the emotional connect, as well as the high-action epic storytelling that we have loved in the LOTR series.

That would be the last of my comparisons with the LOTR series, and for those who keep complaining about the Hobbit not feeling as epic as LOTR – have you even read the books? This is not what Peter Jackson fabricated. The LOTR series is a completely different beast altogether – obviously, bigger in scale. I will be discussing the Hobbit in more details in the following 10 points – about the 3D, HFR, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and more. So, hit the jump. [SPOILER ALERT]


Top 5 TV Series in 2011 [9E3K Lists]


We continue the list trend with the best 5 TV series of 2011. I have been watching a lot of TV this year. Mostly sitcoms such as Parks and Recreation, and How I Met Your Mother. But there is nothing really as great as genre television done absolutely well. True Blood started well for me, but the last few series have been a bit of chore for me to follow. And then there’s the surge of shitty telly that is showered upon us. Falling Skies was a bit too boring for me to follow, Terra Nova was trying to mashup Twilight with Avatar, and I gave up on The Event after episode 2.

So, it is indeed, with great relief, that I have been able to manage this complete list of 5 awesome TV series in 2011. They aren’t flawless – far from it. But it did bring a whole lot of excitement back into our living room. So, here it is people, presenting –



Top 5 SciFi Movies of 2011 [9E3K Lists]


January will be the month when I will be rolling out plenty of lists of the best movies of 2011, and also probably looking forward to the great movies to be hitting screens in 2012. First up on the list is my favourite genre, unsurprisingly, SciFi. 2011 was a great year for SciFi, as we saw plenty of offerings – from the alien comedy Paul, which involved a lot of swearing and pot smoking, to the lovey dovey Adjustment Bureau chemistry of Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. We saw Justin Timberlake getting all barcoded, and even Bollywood had its fair share of spandex. And yes, the Thing prequel came and went. It is easier to just point out the garbage ones, as these keep hitting the screens with an alarming regularity. But at 9e3k, only the best make it through. So behold, as we announce the..

TOP 5 SciFi Movies of 2011.