The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 8 – Nebraska [Review]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8, Nebraska

And so the dead return.. in quite a smashing 2nd half season 2 opener – Nebraska. Picking up from right where we left in the mid-season finale, the Atlanta Grimes gang just executed the barn full of walkers, including Sophie. They had been looking for her for almost the entire 7 episodes, and that turned out to be futile. Rick comes to terms with the whole “hope” situation, and Shane steps into the dark side even further. And just when you thought that the walkers are the only threat, we are treated to a different level of invasion. It couldn’t have been a better opening for the Walking Dead. And here are a few points I want to discuss about the episode, all bullet pointed after the jump. SPOILER ALERT!


11 Monstrous GIFs from The Thing [Monster Monday]

The Thing Prequel PosterThe 1982 horror classic, The Thing, is considered a sacred movie in the cult movie society. Most argue that the prequel that came out in 2011, shouldn’t have been made in the first place. But I would argue otherwise. It sets off to establish the origin story of “The Thing”, and in the process, brings some old school horror, thrills, chills and gore to the table. As far as that is concerned, it does all those jobs just fine. I liked the movie and would even give it 3 out of 5. But enough about that argument; whether you liked the movie or not, you’d certainly agree that the monster kill scenes in the movie were absolutely smashing, and we have 11 such scenes from the movie, all captured in gory, bloody, and monstrous GIFs. So, hit the jump, and enjoy the splatter! Of course, SPOILER ALERT, and the following GIFs feature lots of gore, which are not for the faint hearted. So if you’re one of those who easily throw up, you’ve been warned!

Top 5 TV Series in 2011 [9E3K Lists]


We continue the list trend with the best 5 TV series of 2011. I have been watching a lot of TV this year. Mostly sitcoms such as Parks and Recreation, and How I Met Your Mother. But there is nothing really as great as genre television done absolutely well. True Blood started well for me, but the last few series have been a bit of chore for me to follow. And then there’s the surge of shitty telly that is showered upon us. Falling Skies was a bit too boring for me to follow, Terra Nova was trying to mashup Twilight with Avatar, and I gave up on The Event after episode 2.

So, it is indeed, with great relief, that I have been able to manage this complete list of 5 awesome TV series in 2011. They aren’t flawless – far from it. But it did bring a whole lot of excitement back into our living room. So, here it is people, presenting –



The Walking Dead: Season 2 Mid-Season Finale [Review]

The Walking Dead

After 6 whole episodes of rambling and wandering around, and screaming back n forth at scumbag Shane, we finally arrive at the mid-season finale of Season 2 of The Walking Dead. We all know why this has been so. The budget reduction and simultaneous increase in number of episodes, meant more shooting indoors, and much lesser walker confrontation scenes. And so we got Andrea and Dale fighting over their “rights”, Shane getting all jealous because he’s thrown back in the friend-zone. Carl gets shot because of deer-watching, and the dragging anchor of the season, stupid Sophie wandering off in walker land. The only good thing about this season so far has been the rise and rise of the badassness of Daryl and his blood-thirsty crossbow.

Having said that, the mid-season finale ends on a very high note, and pun intended, it does end with a very big bang. And I am compelled to say, that the wait has been worth it. Hit the jump, as we discuss how all the loose ends fit into the mid-season finale.