The Walking Dead S03E14 – Prey [TV Review]

The Walking Dead - AMC

There is a big reason why I did not review last week’s episode “Arrow On The Doorpost“. With just two episodes left for the season, I feel The Walking Dead is getting way too manipulative with its pacing, and it is getting ridiculously obvious that the season finale is going to end with a massive face-melting cliffhanger right in the middle of the big Woodbury vs Prison war. There’s also that reason that I have been a bit lazy, as well as feeling indifferent towards a lot that has been happening in the Walking Dead universe. And I continue to hate Andrea more and more. So, where does that all leave us with this week’s episode “Prey” ? Thankfully, it seemed like the makers of this episode heard me somehow, and almost resurrected Andrea to the levels of maybe liking her a bit. Spoilers after the jump, as I discuss this episode, a few thoughts on last week’s and more thoughts on what’s making me go absolutely batshit about this season’s Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead S03E12 – Clear [TV Review]

The Walking Dead - AMC

In my review for the last episode of the Walking Dead, I had complained about this season to be more talk-centric. And that is mostly down to dialogues which are often ridiculously straight-forward, and which lack any sort of characterization. Also, the amount of times that happens, make it a chore to sit through these characters, just so that we can feel the rush once Michonne starts swinging her samurai sword, or Daryl starts using his crossbow.

This week’s episode – Clear, is by no means a heavy action packed one. It does have a mini-story arc attached to it, and although it is a bit disassociated from the bigger story, it doesn’t feel like a filler episode. Instead, it is one of the stronger episodes of TWD. After the jump, we discuss the episode, and there will be potential spoilers.


Black Mirror Series 2 Episode 2 – White Bear [TV Review]

Black Mirror - Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has gained notoriety in presenting a bleak picture of our present and current surroundings, extrapolated to a view of a not-so-distant future. Series 2’s second episode “White Bear” poses quite a lot of questions, that not necessarily come with answers. It left me confused, and also worried about the human civilization. Brooker’s warped vision of our over-dependence on technology resonates through all of the previous episodes. But White Bear isn’t just that. Here are my thoughts on it.



Black Mirror, Episode 3: The Entire History Of You [Review]

Black Mirror - Channel 4 Drama

Charlie Brooker’s final episode closes the Black Mirror trilogy in epic fashion. Episode 1 dealt with the power and reach of non-traditional media, and how it could even lead to bully the most powerful person in the nation. After all, it managed to organise revolutions in the real world. Episode 2, was a bleak look at a future ruled and governed by entertainment, sans any attachment and emotions. And with Episode 3, The Entire History of You, we get a taster of another dystopian future, and shows us what the next level of personal video sharing or redo-memory could lead us into. Would Tivo-ing your memories be a gift, or a curse?

Hit the jump, as we discuss Episode 3 of Black Mirror – The Entire History of You. SPOILER ALERT. (more…)