Drawing100 – 33. Expectations

Today’s topic is Expectations. I have no idea why that brings me to think about Avengers – like a lot. Possibly, because I had ginormous expectations from the film, and I have to say Marvel and Joss Whedon delivered on all aspects, and then some more.

When I do think of expectations in the Avengers, I can think of expectations from Nick Fury, from Thanos, from Stark, from Pepper, from Dr.Banner – you get the point. There were so many plot points in the film that could be related to expectations and how they were met. And my favourite (and I am taking a wild guess here, yours too) was this –

Expectations - Loki vs Hulk

Being the lazy git that I am, I found myself an excuse for not colouring it. Hope you like it.

P.S. To check out the scene in GIFs, go here. 

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Drawing100 – 32. Night

If you remember, for my day 4 topic on the #Draw100 – which was Dark, I chose an image of young Bruce Wayne, in that dark alley of Gotham City, next to his dead parents. That stark image of young Bruce Wayne from Batman Year One has now become an integral part of superhero lore. Coming back to today’s topic – Night, I have yet again gone back to Gotham. And yet again, it is another iconic image created by Frank Miller. Ladies and gentlemen, The Dark Knight Returns.

Night - Dark Knight Returns

I am very much chuffed with the final result. It might just be my best sketch to date. It is minimal, and in true Frank Miller style, white on black, very Sin City-esque.

Technique: For this sketch, I drew the white outline, and coloured the background black digitally. I have attached the white outline image after the jump.

Hope you liked this one. Kindly leave your comments below.


Drawing100 – 12. Insanity

Today’s topic is Insanity. I have done the Joker sketch before, so I thought I’d fiddle around with the idea a bit. And I came up with this mashup of two of the most insane onscreen characters –

Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and of course, the Joker from The Dark Knight.

Insanity - Clockwork Joker

I call it – The Clockwork Joker

I had to resort to colouring it on Photoshop, as my black sketch pen ran out of juice. Also it looks much cleaner. But I can’t keep noticing that Alex’s left eye looks a bit derpy 😛

What do you think of it? I’m overall, very pleased about it.

This drawing is a part of the Draw100 challenge. For the entire list, check out the Drawing 100 Challenge page.