Drawing100 – 39. Dreams

Today’s topic is Dreams, and I couldn’t think of anything else but this. Christopher Nolan’s Inception is one of the most fascinating scifi movies of recent times. And Leo DiCaprio’s Cobb is a brilliant character. BTW, do you sometimes think that when he gets home to his kids in the end, is that real? Food for thought!
Dreams - Inception - Sketch

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Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Man Of Steel [Review]

Man of Steel

Since last summer’s end of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Warner Bros. only other beacon of hope to hit the summer blockbuster movie jackpot had to be the red-caped DC Superhero – Superman. In his first non-self-titled movie venture – Man of Steel, the superhero has been given a more emotional story (that took almost 200+ episodes of Smallville to cover). Thrown in the mix, are the jaw-dropping visuals of Kal-El’s home planet Krypton, and a very Star Trek-esque dying planet scenario – black holes, singularity, the whole shabang! Hell, even the arch nemesis, Zod, has been given a reason for being the anti-Superman. Then, why oh why, does Man of Steel just doesn’t feel like it measures up as the Big-Super-Blockbuster that we were hoping for? Is it because The Avengers has spoiled us with its own super-level awesomeness of how superhero movies should be? It probably is. But I have other bones to pick as well. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel – I surely did. But what could’ve been a helluva ride, feels like a cheap ticket on a retro machine that just about takes off.

Some of my detailed thoughts are on the other side of the jump.


Top 10 Movies of 2012 [9E3K Year End List]

9E3K Best Movies of 2012

I know it is a bit late to do Top 10’s of last year in mid Feb, but the Oscars are almost here, and it reminded me to do this. It sort of has now become a blogging culture to do so, and me being the well-cultured geeky bloke as you all know, can only abide by it. 2012 at the cinema has been wonderful. Superhero movies have never been as bigger than this year. Nolan’s Bat trilogy came to an end, and Joss Whedon was honoured with Box Office glory. We went back to Middle Earth, and action movies from unknown territories pulled the rug under our feet. I cannot genuinely remember having seen a disappointing movie at the cinema this year. But probably, that is because I did not watch all of them, and I have been smarter with my movie choices. Even the widely unsuccessful John Carter, to me was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining movie. I even found the  unnecessary reboot of The Amazing Spiderman to be surprisingly good. Hell, I even enjoyed Bond in Skyfall. So here are my..

Top 10 movies of 2012


Spoiler Filled Thoughts On The Dark Knight Rises [Rant]

The Dark Knight Rises

I recently watched The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) for the third time. This time at the IMAX, and it made me look like a fool for not having watched it at the IMAX the first time itself. Well, the tickets were all sold out, and I couldn’t have possibly waited 3 whole weeks to watch Nolan’s final Batman movie. It is needless to say, that I absolutely loved the way Nolan concludes the series, and the whole movie is brilliant, scene after scene. It also answers a lot of the burning questions and whatever loose ends we have of the Batman universe from the previous two films. I should emphasize that it is extremely rewarding to re-watch TDKR. More so in IMAX, which should be the way forward to make films.

I have tons to talk about the movie, and they’re all loaded with spoilers. So I have neatly tucked them after this jump. So, if you are one of those unlucky ones who have not watched this movie yet, WTF are you doing here. For the rest of you cool peeps, join me for the spoiler filled discussion of TDKR.