Drawing100 – 26. Tears

It must be Wednesday today. Because I feel down and low, and the topic of the day is “Tears“. And bringing her misty eyed sorrow to today’s sketch is Haruno Sakura ( from Naruto).

Tears - Sakura

To be honest, she does look a bit hungover, rather than just sad. Probably, she is missing Sasuke *THAT* much.

This drawing is a part of the Draw100 challenge. For the entire list, check out the Drawing 100 Challenge page.

London Film and Comic Con 2011 Gallery: Cosplay Masquerade

Any Comic Con event is incomplete without its fanatic and detailed cosplay section. This year’s London Comic Con had some of the finest of them lot. After all, its only at an event like this, where you can possibly see Batman and Doctor Who sharing a fag, and Captain Jack Sparrow texting, whilst StormTroopers look down upon Trekkies in yellow spacesuits and term them as – fucking nerds. Yep, it all happens here. Not to forget the awesome anime fanbois and fangirls. Here it is then –


Needless to mention, this is an image heavy post!

LFCC 2011 Best of Cosplay

The guys from Konoha – Sasuke, Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto!