London Film and Comic Con 2012: Cosplayers, Collectibles, Guests and more

Batmobile - London Film and Comic Con 2012

Almost 2 weeks late for this post. Apologies for my laziness. But here it is, part 2 of my coverage of the London Film and Comic Con 2012. Let’s cut the crap and go for the stuff. This was my third year at the LFCC, and I knew exactly what to expect. It was moved to a new venue (from Earl’s Court to Kensington Olympia). This is no SDCC by any stretch of imagination. The guests here are a mix of the usuals, who you WILL see year after year, thrown with a surprise mix of a few celebrities, who will charge a fee for an autograph and a pic taken. The only thing that excites me about London Comic Con year after year are the cosplayers, the collectibles for sale, and of course the independent artistes showcasing their art. And as you’d expect, the cosplayers are a bit too inclined towards either the Gallifreyan universe, or towards a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

After the jump, all that was there this year at the London Comic Con. Warning: Image Heavy Post.

The 30 Introspective Self-Questioning Questions That You Should Ask Yourself [Personal Rant]


Quite recently, I came across this new blog  ShortStormTrooper [cool name btw], by my good ol’ blogger mate Lee (@leesargent on Twitter). And this  post 30 questions that will change the way you think about the world ], left me with a mixed bag of introspective feelings. There was no way I could stop thinking about these questions, and it was best for me if I just let the answers come out organically, sooner than later, rather than think about them over and over again. I highly recommend you take this exercise. It puts you into perspective with where you are, where you want to be, and almost shows you a mirror with the way things are now, things that have been in your life so far, and if you find it acceptable, or not. If you’re still reading this, bravo! Hit the jump, coz you’ll get to know a whole lot of me.


London Film and Comic Con 2011 Gallery: Coolest Stuff

Apart from the cosplay and the celeb spotting that we have covered so far, the last vertex of the triangle of awesome things that I look for in comic con, is the array of coll stuff that collectors, traders and other passionate geeks bring under one roof. Be it from rare posters to Issue#1 original DC Comics, or exclusive and official movie collectibles, Comic Con, as usual is filled to the brim with such awesomeness, and as we are committed to bring all this awesomeness to you, we have listed down some of the best ones below.

LFCC 2011 Coolest Stuff

Earls Court Two – the venue of London Comic Con 2011 ( and it was in 2010 as well).

LFCC 2011 Coolest Stuff

The original Batmobile.

More awesome pics after the jump


10 Must-Have Tracks on any Geeky playlist


So you thought there is no such thing as geeky music. Hell no! Not only will I give you the proof, I am here to blow your brains out with this awesome compilation of the most brilliant playlist you will ever come across. That image above is already messing with you innit. That’s been flipping my head upside down.  For those who don’t have any clue, that’s the Tron Legacy soundtrack logo – the soundtrack is scored by Daft Punk. Anywho, moving on, this playlist will play and mess around with your neurons and set your binary thought process on fire ( whatever that meant). Be prepared to let your brains get fried by the sheer scorching heat of the ..

10 Must-Have Tracks on any Geeky playlist.

Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ


I am not a big classical music fan, but when I saw this video of Bach’s Toccata and fugue in D minor replete with bars and levels , it pretty much blew my head off. You have to see it for yourself. (Special thanks to @daximo for educating me with this one ). Don’t worry, the whole playlist is embedded in the end. But just have a bit more patience and surf through the remaining awesome 9.

Hit the jump for the rest of the awesome playlist, and oh! there’s a surprise at the end 🙂