15 Smashing Avengers GIFs To Melt Your Face

The Avengers Movie

When Marvel initially announced its intentions to bring its list of superheroes under one onscreen umbrella, my cynical side went straight ahead to dismiss it as an overambitious goof-up, which would sink to the ocean bed. But with each instalment of the single entities creeping out of the shadow, and as the Avengers ensemble started taking shape, my anticipation level has been on a constant rise. With Iron Man, Captain America and Thor’s individual story line having smashed the box-office, it was evident that the collective Avengers movie would be nothing less than an awesome feast of Superhero valour in different flavours – from cocky casanova, to angry green man, to even mythological heroism, everything is covered.

The Superbowl Spot, the extended trailer, and the 2nd trailer released today just goes to say how epic this movie will be. And since this epicness cannot be translated in still images, I have prepared, just for my dear readers..

 * 15 Epic Smashing Avengers GIFs *

“Can you smell…what the Thor is cookin!”

The Avengers - Thor

 “In the Iron Man Corner”

The Avengers - Thor

The Avengers - Iron Man

The Avengers - Iron Man

The Avengers - Iron Man

And there seems to be some melodrama as well…

Iron Man vs. Thor

The Avengers - Iron Man vs Thor

And everyone’s flyin..

Captain America and Iron Man

The Avengers - Iron Man and Captain America

Black Widow kicking serious ass

The Avengers - Black Widow

 And Captain America jumping away from shit blowing up

The Avengers - Captain America

 More shit blowing up. And Hawkeye !

The Avengers - Hawkeye

 In the green corner..Prof.Bruce Banner is very angry

The Avengers - Hulk

Have you ever been so angry, you smashed a rocket missile?

The Avengers - Angry Hulk

Hulk catches Iron Man in mid-air ..and everything’s just awesome!

The Avengers - Hulk catches Iron Man

 Loki’s Caterpillar is a Decepticon on acid!

The Avengers - Loki

 And finally, the epic shot. The Avengers are here!


The Avengers - Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man

And that is it. If your face is still intact, go wash it now before it starts evaporating into thin air. And oh, for the naggy ones, I deliberately kept Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, and Loki out of this post. This one’s all about the Superheroes (and Superheroine). I simply cannot wait for the Avengers movie. This is going to be legen..wait for it..DARY!

[Video source: Avengers Trailers from Marvel ]

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  1. Heres another good one…
    http (://) h4h4h4h4.tumblr.com/post/30028898412/
    “Do you ever get so angry that you just throw Iron Man out a window so hard he turns into Captain America?”


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