80 Best Cosplay Pics from London MCM Expo 2013


The winter edition of London MCM Expo 2013 was held at Excel centre on the 25-27 October. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the cosplayers. And here are the best 80 cosplayers. This post is very image heavt, and hence, I have divided it into three pages for ease of browsing. Links are provided below.

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Initial thoughts on PS4 – Console, Controller, Games.

Eurogamer 2013 - EGX

I attended the Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in London along with thousands of enthusiastic gamers who queued up and waited for hours to get their hands on the next generation of console gaming. Both the XBOX One and the PS4 made their UK debut at the EGX, and it was a blast to hang out with gamers, chatting with them about their expectations from the next gen, what games they were looking forward to, and most importantly which side of the fence they were on – XBOX One vs. PS4.

Since the E3 announcement, I had made up my mind to go for the PS4, and even pre-ordered a day-one release edition. Hence, it was obvious that I was most excited to be at the PS4 booth, anxiously waiting to try the games out. But let me tell you one thing. Gaming cons such as EGX are not for the impatient. The queue for the PS4 booth was atrociously long, and I had to wait for almost 90 minutes before I could even play a single game. To make matters even worse, we were given game tokens, capping us on how many games we could play. And even worse, was that all the major games were put under one token. That sucked balls, but I kinda tried to sneak in to play as many games as I could. Here are my impressions.


Drawing100 – 47. Creation

Number 47 on the list is – Creation. In pop culture, there are many references to the God-complex thing. From Frankestein to Jurassic Park to i-Robot. But none of them share the flair of Tony Stark.

Creation - Tony Stark, Iron Man sketch

Here seen in his lab with the alpha version of the Iron Man suit, this is possibly one of my favourite scenes from the first movie.

This drawing is a part of the Draw100 challenge. For the entire list, check out the Drawing 100 Challenge page.