Initial Thoughts on The XBOX ONE Reveal [Gadget Roundup]

XBOX One - XBOX Reveal

The #XBOXReveal event, held at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle was a tightly organised show, that showcased what the new hardware was capable of, and some showing off of the possible future of the “entertainment hub” that the XBOX One was aiming to be.

And whilst mainstream media from CNN to MSNBC steered clear of any negative feedback, the verdict is however very clear amongst the core audience – the gamers. Social networks have been flooded with messages that range from underwhelmed and indifferent, to downright negative. Here are my thoughts.


All the Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumours [Android]

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S4

Having almost dodged MWC 2013 with just a new tablet, Galaxy Note 8.0, the next big event on Samsung’s 2013 calendar has got to be the Unpacked event. To be held on the March 14th 2013, in New York at 7pm EST, industry pundits have speculated this to be the unveiling of Samsung’s next big flagship phone – the successor to its immensely popular Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 (or SIV). And here’s all that we know so far about the new upcoming device.


All About the Big Playstation 4 Reveal [Round Up]

PS4 Launch Event

So, it turned out, it was in fact exactly as what everyone predicted. Sony’s big event at New York last night, was the big reveal of their next generation console – The Playstation 4. No fancy new logos, just a re-iteration of the current PS3 slim logo with the 3 changed to a 4. And yes, they are calling it that, simple and effective, and ignoring all Japanese superstitions. The only catch here, is that they never got around to revealing the actual console – apparently, that is what happens in console launch events now.

But even without the console, Sony did manage to announce a bunch of new features, and give us a sneak peek into the PS4. Here is my round-up of the PS4 launch event, and figure out for yourself, how many of those rumours actually turned out to be true.


All the Sony Playstation 4 Rumours [ PS4 RoundUp ]

Playstation 4 Concept Logo

It is only few hours to go for the big Sony announcement at a New York event. And all eyes are on what is at the center of it. It is probably safe to say, that all pointers are converging towards a possible next-gen console, nicknamed the Sony PlayStation 4, aka Orbis. WSJ confirms that it is in fact, going to be the PS4 launch event.

The interwebs has been doing the rounds with churning out a gazillion tons of rumours – some more radical than others. But here are my few picks from the plausible list.

[Image courtesy: Ps4 Concept Logo – 99 Designs]