Drawing100 – 42. Standing Still

Another lazy day for me. Sorry about this. It is getting a bit difficult for me to keep up. Today’s topic is Standing Still, and I have chosen Guvnah Arnie in the black jacket avatar of the Terminator.
Standing Still - Terminator

Yep. It is not a sketch, more like a doodle. I didn’t even bother to colour. I promise to come back with better ones. I am actually looking forward to the next one, which will also be from an Arnie movie.

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Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Man Of Steel [Review]

Man of Steel

Since last summer’s end of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Warner Bros. only other beacon of hope to hit the summer blockbuster movie jackpot had to be the red-caped DC Superhero – Superman. In his first non-self-titled movie venture – Man of Steel, the superhero has been given a more emotional story (that took almost 200+ episodes of Smallville to cover). Thrown in the mix, are the jaw-dropping visuals of Kal-El’s home planet Krypton, and a very Star Trek-esque dying planet scenario – black holes, singularity, the whole shabang! Hell, even the arch nemesis, Zod, has been given a reason for being the anti-Superman. Then, why oh why, does Man of Steel just doesn’t feel like it measures up as the Big-Super-Blockbuster that we were hoping for? Is it because The Avengers has spoiled us with its own super-level awesomeness of how superhero movies should be? It probably is. But I have other bones to pick as well. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel – I surely did. But what could’ve been a helluva ride, feels like a cheap ticket on a retro machine that just about takes off.

Some of my detailed thoughts are on the other side of the jump.


The Walking Dead S03E14 – Prey [TV Review]

The Walking Dead - AMC

There is a big reason why I did not review last week’s episode “Arrow On The Doorpost“. With just two episodes left for the season, I feel The Walking Dead is getting way too manipulative with its pacing, and it is getting ridiculously obvious that the season finale is going to end with a massive face-melting cliffhanger right in the middle of the big Woodbury vs Prison war. There’s also that reason that I have been a bit lazy, as well as feeling indifferent towards a lot that has been happening in the Walking Dead universe. And I continue to hate Andrea more and more. So, where does that all leave us with this week’s episode “Prey” ? Thankfully, it seemed like the makers of this episode heard me somehow, and almost resurrected Andrea to the levels of maybe liking her a bit. Spoilers after the jump, as I discuss this episode, a few thoughts on last week’s and more thoughts on what’s making me go absolutely batshit about this season’s Walking Dead.


The 9E3K Oscars 2013 RoundUp [ Photos ]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe perform during the show at the 85th Annual Academy Awards

Hollywood’s biggest night clocked at a staggering 3 hours show (excluding commercials). Yes, it was boring to the point that I wanted to shoot Seth McFarlane, and whoever wrote those jokes, and sketches. There were dances, and more dances, and even more dances. Oscars 2013 celebrated a lot of things – music in movies, 50 years of James Bond, and Jennifer Lawrence. If there was one winner that came out of Oscars 2013, it was Miss Lawrence, who not only won the Best Actress, by beating 9E3K favourite Jessica Chastain, but also made a smashing entry into the world of interweb memes. But more on that later. Here is my round-up of the Academy Awards 2013.