Second Trailer of Man of Steel [Trailer Review]

Man of Steel - Superman Logo

The second trailer from Warner Bro’s Superman re-reboot Man Of Steel has landed. After the pretty vague first teaser, this one has got more meat, and plenty of stuff to be discussed. We’ll get to the specific details, with the screenshots and even GIFs. There’s a lot of material to digest here, explosions, cape flutter, and Lois Lane. The new Man of Steel (MoS) trailer has totally grabbed my attention.

First and foremost, this is the only Superman movie with no Superman in the title. And the trailer starts with an image of a submerged Kal-el, sporting a beard. This image almost gives a Nolan reboot feel to the series, darker, grittier and moody are instant words that pop-out when you see this version of Superman. Although there is no reason for us to get concerned about this, but I just hope the overall tone of MoS isn’t all gloomy and serious. A little fun isn’t a bad thing as we’ve seen from the Avengers.