Naruto Shippuden 130-133: Jiraiya vs. Pain

Over the last couple of seasons, we have seen a lot of people depart from Naruto Shippuden. We saw the Akatsuki member Hidan killing Sarutobi’s son Asuma. But we also saw Shikamaru give him his fair due. We saw Sasuke eat up Orochimaru, and Deidara as well. But the legend of the Legendary Sannin and part of the original “Legendary Three Ninja”, Jiraiya is one which stands out as one of the key arcs of Shippuden’s season 6. As the plot thickens, Erosennin Jiraiya goes to hunt down one of Akatsuki’s most powerful Ninja – Pain.

** SPOILER ALERT ** If you haven’t seen episodes 130 onwards, skip this post. Else, hit the jump, and we’ll reveal what happened when Jiraiya faced Pain.


Sketch: Zuko from Avatar

It has been quite a while since I did a sketch. And today, when my Tablet stared at me from the dusty corner, I couldn’t say no. Totally clueless about what I’d be sketching, I went to Twitter. And as tweeted to me by @anishok, here it is – a fanart of Zuko, by yours truly. I think it is quite rightly timed, because just in a few months time Dev Patel is going to be the face of Zuko [ which I totally despise, but maybe, just maybe, Mr.Shyamalan might prove me wrong].

Without further ado, here it is – Zuko [ Click on the picture for a larger version ].

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And please let me know what you think of this sketch. It has taken me almost 4.5 hours to complete this. And I started it in GIMP, but had to move to Photoshop for the brushes. And yes, I know I still am wandering in B&W zone. Handling colour is really tough. Anywho, you can also comment suggesting what my next sketch should be. Cheerio!